The story of a real life and heroic “Lucky Louie”

By Becky Monreal |Staff Writer|

The book “Unbroken,” is a courageous story of World World II veteran and Olympic runner Louis Zamperini and will leave readers hooked.

The true story is about Zamperini, who was raised in Torrance. Throughout his childhood he always found himself in trouble because he was stealing or getting into fights at school.

However, that all changed when he found his talent for running track and field. Zamperini’s lightning fast legs would help him break running records all across America and even take him all the way to the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

After competing in the games, Zamperini enlisted in the Army and served as a B-24 pilot, traveling across the Pacific Ocean.

While searching for a missing plane in the Pacific, Zamperini’s own plane was shot down, sending him and eleven others careening into the ocean below.

There, they were forced to stay alive in the baking sun and ward off hungry sharks for a total of 47 excruciating days.

Yet their dangerous adventure did not end there. Zamperini and the remaining survivors were picked up by Japanese sailors and immediately put into a death camp.

There, they were brutally tortured and starved for months until they were later rescued by American soldiers.

Zamperini’s story is inspiring to read and will even be made into a major motion picture by Universal Pictures. His story of failure, heartbreak and eventual triumph will have many readers rushing to turn each page.

Zamperini tells his story to famous author Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote the award winning true story “Seabiscuit.”

The vivid accounts and details will have you feeling like you are right with Zamperini, trying to stay alive on the rubber raft or in the Japanese death camps. Hillenbrand expertly describes each moment with such clarity that you feel transported into Zamperini’s world.

As a reader, you will feel a connection to Zamperini after you travel on his life journey through this book.

If you want a riveting and sometimes harrowing account of what it was like to survive the harshest elements of World War II, along with an inspirational account of perseverance and survival, Unbroken is the book for you.


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