The SMSU is alive with the sound of music

By Tiffany Batson |Staff Writer|

The Out in Music event showcases ultra-talented local acts in a fun and positive environment

The Out in Music event, one of the premier events of CSUSB’s coming out week, was a lively and exciting show with impressive local acts in a positive environment.

The lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and ally community gathered together to have a great night with peers and listen to amazing music.

The Pride Center is one of the four student centers at the SMSU where students can go and get any assistance they need. There are a variety of other campus resources at the SMSU that assist students in college life situations. The other resource centers include the Women’s Resource Center, Osher-Adult Resource Center, and the Cross Cultural Center.

“The Pride Center’s goal is to help students be comfortable with who they are,” said Deejay Brown, the Lead Student Assistant.

Some of the acts that played at the event included Aaron Molina, who sang his own original songs. Each song had its own interesting back story. It really engaged the audience to hear a mini story about his writing process.

Another act that preformed was Eric and Shana who began with an awesome medley of popular music. The first song in the mix was the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” which led into other songs such as Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

All of the acts that played were very talented and it was a lot of fun to sing along to the popular songs, as well as enjoy their original pieces.

“The Pride Center events are a place to have fun with friends,” said CSUSB student Shane Burrell. “This is a diverse environment where everyone respects each other and enjoys each other’s company.”

“The Pride Center’s Out in Music event is an opportunity for people to come to together for a good cause and listen to great music,” said Brown.

The Out in Music event was a very fun environment. When there wasn’t anyone on stage, the DJ played popular dance songs and people would randomly break into dance.

Everyone who attended was happy to be involved. People were very friendly and it was a loving place.

The raffle that was done gave away free stuff such as a poster and shirts that read “Love Who You Love.”

    Eric and Shana also played Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which was a very fun and appropriate song for the cause. The song perfectly captured the overall theme of the event, which was the freedom of being whoever you want to be, and expressing that freedom through song.
If you have any questions or need any assistance the Pride Center is available weekdays and is located at the SMSU, in room 223. The phone number is 909-537-5963.


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