The Rock excites in “Journey 2”

By Kimberly Rosales |Staff Writer|


“Journey 2,” is a captivating and family-friendly adventure into a world unlike anything ever seen before.

The film centers around a stepfather and his stepson venturing halfway around the world to discover a seemingly fictional island mentioned in three literary classics.

“Journey 2” is a lovely mix of eye catching aesthetics and light hearted comedy, perfect for anyone of any age.

Director Brad Peyton brings life to Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island, while incorporating elements of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Josh Hutcherson reprises his role as faithful ‘Vernian’ Sean Anderson in this sequel.

Sean receives an encrypted message from a mysterious broadcast that he believes is from his grandfather (Michael Caine) who went missing two years prior.

Hank Parsons (Dwayne Johnson) is the stepdad who has a tumultuous relationship with Sean. In an attempt to bond with him, he agrees to help him locate the mysterious island.

Together, they travel to Palau and charter a private helicopter owned and manned by Gabato (Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) who are the only two tour guides desperate enough to take them on the dangerous voyage.

The four of them put their lives in danger in pursuit of this mysterious and mystical island, but soon come to find that escaping the island will be the real danger.

The film is pleasant to watch and rather enjoyable, but it is not to be taken too seriously.

The strong points in the film are the witty jokes and smart remarks delivered by Dwayne Johnson, who comes off as very likable in the film.

Luis Guzman’s performance as the ill-mannered father to Kailani is weak at best, with his predictable jokes falling flat most of the time.  Though his character means well, he comes across as childish and irresponsible.

The subplot of Sean trying to win over a feisty Kailani is pandering and not very believable, coming off as cliche and unnecessary.

While Josh Hutcherson has delivered strong performances before, especially in “The Kids Are All Right,” he fails to showcase exemplary acting chops here.

Though he is a promising young talent and made the role believable enough, if he hadn’t been in “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” his role could have easily been played by any other young actor.

The film showcases top of the line CGI that is masterfully done. Life on the island looks beyond realistic, a feat difficult for most 3D films to accomplish.

Though most of the action shots were great, the mid-action, slow motion shots were drawn out too long and took away from the film.

“Journey 2” may not be worth the $11.50 at the box office, but it’s perfect for sci-fi fans looking to enjoy an unpretentious movie experience better suited in the comfort of one’s home.


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