The Magic of Music – Concert Review

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Photo by Natalie Padron

By Natalie Padron |Staff Writer|

This weekend The Lumineers and friends graced the Santa Barbara Bowl with their incredible talents, showing the crowd how magical music can be.

The excitement was palpable in the stands starting with the night’s first artist, Sleepwalkers, a heavily ’70s rock influenced indie band from Virginia.

Sleepwalkers performed hits off their wildly raved about album, “Greenwood Shade,” preparing the crowd and their musical souls for a night of meaningful lyrics and intricate musicianship.

“When they performed, my mind was blown. I was so confused how I didn’t know about these guys, but that’s the great thing about opening acts, you discover so much and live. There’s no better way,” said new Sleepwalkers enthusiast Juan Lizarraga.

As more people settled into the gorgeous venue, the next performer, a young Irish woman that goes by the name of SOAK, began to pour her heart out on the stage.

Song after song, SOAK became more vulnerable to the crowd and the crowd became more vulnerable to her, accepting her emotions as theirs.

During her song “B a noBody,” SOAK’s raspy falsetto sunk into the crowd, settling us into the crisp approaching night and left us feeling comforted as we awaited the main event.

“I felt a calm come over me when [SOAK] did her set. The music is refreshing and alive without being too in your face, and I think most people would enjoy relaxing to it,” beamed concert-goer Gabriella Monatanez.

As the night settled the audience got more anxious to witness the wonderful performance The Lumineers had in store for us.

The kick drum boomed as the band began to perform their new track, “Sleep On the Floor,” and in an instant the crowd was on their feet.

Once they warmed up the crowd with some feel-good songs, the band then led into their monster hit, “Ho Hey,” and everyone was whipped into a frenzy.

The crowd continued to feel the music, singing every lyric and dancing every beat to show thanks for this musical experience.

Later in the show, the band came out to the middle level seats to grace their fans up close and personal, and at one point, lead singer Wesley Schultz made his way through the general admission pit, casually singing through the audience.

“It was incredible! They interacted with the crowd in ways that made us feel included and like we were all friends just here to celebrate life,” raved long-time fan Trevor Mass.

As the last song played emotions were at an all time high, and then when we thought it was all over a lone spotlight shone on member Jeremiah Fraites and his piano, and as he played “Patience,” everyone was breathless.

“I held back tears the whole night, but to see a band so beautifully talented end their show in such a humble way, I had to let the waterworks go,” sobbed a shamelessly emotional fan.

It was an undeniably incredible show; one can only hope they experience a night like this.

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