The Coyote Fest

Mercedes Winchester |Staff Writer|

Coyote Fest was a great hit with an estimated turn out of over 2,500 students as they gathered around the live band, the Carl’s Jr. truck, the giant fiber glass slide, the bounce houses, and several booths where they were offered the chance to win prizes. This free for all end of the year party which took place on the lawn in front of CSUSB’s Pfau Libraray was one to remember.

This fourth annual event gives students the chance to interact with their fellow classmates, while hanging out in a drug free environment enjoying the live entertainment, cotton candy, snow cones, and more. Since this event is held on a flat wide open area, it gives students with physical disabilities and limitations a chance to interact with their peers as well.

SMSU program board member Nereida who was one of many behind this event, said “The Giant Fiberglass Slide and Free Carl’s Jr. that we provide are what they students are most attracted to, but they also come to enjoy the music win prizes and just spend time with their fellow students.”

Nereida also shares the differences from between the end of the year party and the beginning of the year party. “Like the beginning of the year party we offer entertainment, games and food but Coyote Fest differs because it’s done on a much larger scale and has more of carnival atmosphere. It also offers students a last chance to interact with their fellow students that they’ve met throughout the year.

As the nigh went on, more and more students kept arrvving and the party continued to go on, CSUSB students Ashleigh Anderson and Camarae Lang enjoyed the atmosphere and the free snow cones. “It’s nice that the school was able to put on this event and make it free for everybody too. If the lines weren’t so long I would be involved in more of the activities, but i didn’t let that stop me from having fun”, said Camarae.

Ashleigh felt that there could have been more attractions. ” Yes the lines are ridiculous and I don’t like the band, they should’ve got a more diverse group, all this rock music the entire time wasn’t a smart choice, a d.j. definitely would’ve been a better choice”.

With finals right around the corner and school winding down for the 2011-2012 school year, this was the perfect get away for most students who are cramming for finals. With this event being as convenient as it was, it was no surprise that the turn out was huge, the success of the even was great, and that students got involved and participated in the activities.

The SMSU program board along with a few other departments on campus enjoys putting on events for the students and wants to continue to do so in the future. The student body needs to continue to give suggestions and feedback to these program boards so that they are making sure that they continue to satisfy you.

With an attempt to make the on campus life of CSUSB more entertaining, these events are put on by the students for the students, in hopes that these experiences will be experiences to remember.


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