The comeback kids of sports

By Tyler Vanderelst |Staff Writer|

Marshawn Lynch is making waves in the National Football League after deciding to come out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders.

After retiring at the end of the 2015 season with the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch is now among the likes of Brett Favre and Michael Jordan. Both had previously retired but then made multiple comeback attempts.

Lynch would be a great boost for a young team on the rise. The Raiders not only gain a talented runner, but they will gain a leader in the locker room who has experience as well.

Raiders fan, Josh Summers, would like to see Lynch on his favorite team.

“If Marshawn comes to the Raiders there is no way they won’t win the Super Bowl this year,” said Summers.

Lynch is not the only player to attempt a comeback after retiring.

Jordan retired in 1993 from the Chicago Bulls to pursue a career in baseball. He played baseball in 1994 for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league team for the Chicago White Sox.

After struggling, he returned to basketball in 1995, rejoining the Bulls and leading them to another three championships.

This is arguably the most famous case of a player retiring and then making a comeback, probably because of the success that followed. However, Jordan retired again and made yet again another comeback with the Washington Wizards.

This comeback was not as legendary as his first because he was unable to make the playoffs in his two years with the Wizards. He was, however, still able to average over 20 points a game, which is very impressive for a 38-year-old.

The multiple comebacks no doubt helped solidify Jordan’s case for being the greatest basketball player to ever do it. He was also able to make a lot more money rather than if he would have stayed retired.

Trent Terry believes Jordan came back to play rather than for the money.

“He came back because he missed winning and wanted to continue his legacy,” said Terry. “I don’t think he even thought about the money.”

Another famous set of comebacks comes from Hall of Fame quarterback Favre. He is well-known by many for retiring because it seemed like every year after the season he was contemplating retirement.

Favre first officially retired in 2008 with the Green Bay Packers, and then came out of retirement the next year and played one season with the New York Jets. He then retired after that season, and came back again and played two seasons for the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre’s first season with the Vikings was a success as it was his best season as a quarterback throwing for 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. But in his final season, when he officially retired was probably his worst season which is a big reason as to why he stayed retired.

A lot of different thoughts go into why athletes retire.

The main reason is age. After playing a sport for so many seasons, it takes it toll on the athlete’s body.

Other athletes are forced to retire because of injuries they have sustained.

This is why Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers retired last year. His body had gone through so much and endured multiple injuries that he just felt he could not compete at the level that he wanted to.

Lastly, athletes choose to retire to pursue other things like starting a family, trying out different career fields or they just don’t see themselves playing professionally anymore.

As Bryant said in his retirement speech, “my heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.”

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