The Chronicle chats with Bethany from Best Coast

By Marissa Mooney |Asst. A&E Editor|

Coyote Chronicle: You were born and raised in LA. In most of your songs you talk about California, would you ever consider moving or leaving?

Bethany Cosentino: I moved to New York for a short period of time and that’s kinda what reinstated my love for California, was leaving and coming back to it. But I would probably never move.

CC: What are some of the similarities and differences between Crazy For You and The Only Place?

Bethany: Well the biggest difference is production quality. The Only Place is a lot more produced sounding. And the similarities are that the songs are a lot poppy. The way that I wrote was very similar and nothing really changed, nothing drastically different.

CC: I did an album review on just this last album (The Only Place) that dropped in May and I loved it, it was really good. Do you have any favorite TV shows?

Bethany: Uh, I love TV, I can’t even think of what TV shows I like. We watch the same thing, we like Showtime and HBO. Sopranos, Homeland, American Horror Story…

CC: Ahh, are you guys excited for that to come back on?

Bethany: Oh yeah, so excited!

CC: I noticed you both already ate, but what do you guys like to eat pre-show or afterwards?

Bethany: I don’t like to eat a lot before we play because I get really bloated. But there is nothing better than eating just shitty junk food after you play a show especially when you are on tour, there is nothing like it.

CC: What about your tour? You just announced some dates?

Bethany: We are going on tour with Green Day.

CC: Awesome. If you are having a bad day, which everyone does, what do you like to listen to?

Bethany: Uhmm…Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young even though he kinda makes me depressed. Sometimes there is something nice about being depressed while listening to depressing music.

CC: I saw your performance with Kendrick Lamar. How was that? Did you enjoy working with him?

Bethany: Yeah that was really fun to do. I think he is super talented and he is another awesome L.A. artist. So that was a really fun thing just to get to make with him and he was super nice.

CC: Are there any hobbies you like to do outside of making music?

Bethany: I love cooking.

CC: Cooking, yeah? What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Bethany: I like to make salmon with kale and tomato and garlic, a very simple dish and sometimes a gluten-free pasta.

CC: That sounds delicious! One last thing, what would you say to CSUSB students who are seeing you perform tonight, like a little encouragement about school.

Bethany: Uhmm, just do, like, for me it is kinda like if something is important to you just work really hard at it and don’t give up. You can kinda make anything happen, we sorta proved that by doing just that. Without one of us [points to Bobb Bruno] being here, we wouldn’t be doing this. So it is definitely where if you just work really hard and keep your mind to something you can definitely achieve, it so that’s my cheesy, like, valedictorian speech.

CC: Well thanks for having me to represent the Coyote Chronicle. Have a great show.


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