The Academic Fair: A One Stop Shop

By Samantha Flores |Staff Writer|

It is important to know where to go when you need advice for example, how to graduate on time, where to go to pay for your grad check, and how to find internships.

“There are students that don’t know about us and that we are here for them,” said Peer Advisor Luis Jimenez.

The Academic Fair featuring advising, financial, and academic services answered any questions students had on May 3 and 4.

“Instead of students going from departments, buildings, and programs, they get to come here for a one-stop shop,” said Star Kafovalu Advisor and the host of the Academic Fair.

Star Kafovalu and Erika Hernandez, advisors, hosted this event in regards to informing all students of the many resources available to them.

“Making sure students are on track like doing their grad check or if they need to declare or change a major, we have the services for that here,” said Erika Hernandez, Advisor and host of the Academic Fair.

Students had the chance to participate in a raffle if they collected stars from each department. The winner could win up to an iPad; this was an opportunity that encouraged students to go and meet the different colleges.

Other than the resources available, students had a chance to thank a fellow instructor or professor via writing a personal note. At the end of the quarter, the instructor or professor would be given those thank-you cards.

With each table the student visited, there were free gifts. For example, a multi-pen which included a highlighter and sticky bookmarks. Also, water bottles, granola bars, a stand for your phone and so much more.

“I really liked the environment here and the music is pretty cool,” said student Ulises Gonzalez.

The Career Center provided information about finding internships.

“[It should be] part of the students to build their career development so there not a deer in the headlights in the by going into the business world after graduating college,” said Roberta Salgado, Peer Advisor from the Career Center.

There was also information provided for students to learn more information on graduate schools.

“You have more information to collect and faster then if you would to go on your own, like I just learned when to apply for my master’s program,” said student Juan Salazar.

If anyone missed these days there will be another academic event known as “Pre-grad party” on October 31 and November 1. Don’t miss out!” said Hernandez.



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