Tegan & Sara shine through Sunset Boulevard

By Nadia Ahmad |Staff Writer|

10511217_10152854903289110_2996916613836589610_nSunset Boulevard was alive with the sound of music Nov. 18.

I could see spotlights shining and music bumping from a mile away as I was driving to the Hollywood Palladium.

The Palladium was packed with hundreds of loyal fans wearing Tegan & Sara shirts that looked like they may have been from previous shows.

Waters, an indie-band from San Francisco, warmed up the crowd before Tegan & Sara took the stage.

One of the fans in the crowd said, “Waters really impressed me because they had this sort of confidence that not a lot of opening bands have.”

The group’s songs were extremely catchy, and I see myself listening to them in the near future.

Their style of music reminded me of some alternative pop bands, such as Grouplove or Fun.

Waters did a spectacular job of getting the audience pumped for Tegan & Sara.

The group encouraged fans to sing along to their songs and filled the room with clapping and screaming.

Some of the band’s songs have been featured on “Alt Nation’s Alt 18” on Sirius XM radio, so their confidence seems well-earned.

Waters was so great that I find it difficult to say which artist had a better performance.

IMG_2395The crowd started chanting Tegan & Sara’s names as they anxiously awaited for them to perform.

The singing sisters had fans hooked from the moment they came on stage.

They started out by announcing their new album in the upcoming year, and played a few of the songs acoustically.

In my opinion, it was very refreshing and exciting to hear an acoustic twist on the duo’s normally upbeat, pop sound.

The two were in perfect harmony with each other and created a beautiful sound.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well they sounded live, compared to listening to them on a record.

Not many artists can accomplish this feat.

Many fans agreed that the group’s setlist was nearly perfect.

A fan said, “They played the best combination of songs off their old albums and their newer ones.”

My favorite part of the show was how Tegan & Sara conveyed so much emotion during their set.

I felt so close to not only the fans around me, but to the duo as well.

One of the most important parts of a live show is how well a group connects with the audience.

Tegan & Sara definitely succeeded, seeing as a majority of fans in the crowd were crying and seemed genuinely moved.

Every aspect of the show was aesthetically pleasing.

I applaud the lighting technician of the show because the lighting was perfectly timed with the music and energy of the artists.

It created an exciting atmosphere, and really added to the show without distracting from the music.

Tegan & Sara seemed so authentic on stage.

They constantly interacted with their fans, and reminded us how excited they were to be playing in Los Angeles.

After seeing their show at the Palladium, I can’t wait to see them again in 2016, after the release of their new album.



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