Take advantage of hidden internship gem

By Justine Plemons |Staff Writer|

For many of us graduation is looming around the corner and whether it is this June or December, we all have fears about what the future holds.

Unfortunately, graduating from college doesn’t mean getting a job or a career.

Once we walk across the stage and shake President Dr. Albert K. Karnig’s hand we are all faced with the question “Now what?”

First and foremost, we all came to college to better our lives and for the chance for a better career than most.

The second you walk through the doors of CSUSB you need to start preparing for life outside these walls. College ends a lot quicker than you think.

CSUSB is a hidden gem of resources.

This university offers more to students than just the Commons and pub.

It has career services, resume workshops and internship opportunities. This servicesar free for students, so use them!

I am not an expert but these are the tips and advice I have come across during my five years at CSUSB.

Most of the people applying for jobs have a good GPA. Employers see it all the time. A mentor of mine told me, “You need to have a thing. You need to have a story, extracurricular activities or job title that sets you apart from the population.”

Network! Not Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler; learn how to talk to people face to face.

It truly is who you know and what you know. So, get out the and get connections.

Get real comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Look people in the eye and make small talk. You have to be your own advocate. Think of yourself as a brand and market what you can do.

It typically takes six months to find a job. The economy isn’t what it used to be so we have to work harder.  Start early, and don’t wait till graduation to start your resume or apply for jobs.

Dress the part. If you are walking into an interview you know you aren’t qualified for. Wear a button up shirt, dress pants, and jacket. Little changes like this do make a difference.

Learn soft skills. It doesn’t matter how smart or talented you are if you can’t interact with me it doesn’t matter if you can program a computer. A smile and a firm handshake go far.

Great communication skills will set you apart from the competition. Ask yourself “What do I bring to the table?” Think of interviewing like dating. You are trying to find if you fit with the company and the interviewer is trying to get a sense of how you will fit in with their company.

College is about the pursuit of fun, self-discovery and your degree, but you want to make sure you have a promising future once you graduate and go out into the real world.




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