Take a line drive trip through Southern California

By Mackenzie von Kleist |Staff Writer|

Summertime and the livings easy.

Pack your bags and head throughout Southern California for a ballpark road trip extravaganza.

Living in such a prime location, we have the luxury and opportunity to visit three major league baseball teams: the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the San Diego Padres.

If you really want to travel up the state and get as many baseball visits in as possible, you can travel up the coast to San Francisco to the see the Giants play at AT&T Park or the Oakland Athletics in the Oakland-Alameda County Stadium.

“I plan on making a few trips to baseball stadiums this summer,” said Nick Stark. “Traveling to the southern stadiums is affordable and fun and I’m able to cheer on my team, the Dodgers. At the same time I can stay at my friend’s house in San Diego and attend the Padres game.”

The ultimate sports fanatic should at least hit all these stadiums once and why not try and hit all of California’s teams in a summer that you would never forget.

Start out in sunny San Diego and stay at a cheap hotel like the Best Western. We are college students and we usually don’t have the most money in our pockets so go cheap on the room and go crazy at the stadium with tickets, beverages and food and it will be a night that will be more memorable than the room you stayed in.

According to Expedia.com this trip could possibly cost a little under $200 with the hotel $89 a night and game day tickets as low as $10. Calculate food, beverage and gas for the car and you’re looking at a cheap getaway weekend.

The stadium is set in beautiful downtown San Diego and is surrounded by more entertainment than any student can handle.

Head through Palm Court Plaza at the stadium and look for someone you know, the area is covered with brick purchased by fans, players and the community with engraved names and messages.

Heading north from the home of the Padres you can travel by train all the way up to the Orange County area, home to the Angels and glamorous lifestyles of many.

According to Amtrack.com a ticket from San Diego to Anaheim will cost you $58. Calculate in the hotels in the area, a possible trip to Disneyland (how could anyone resist the happiest place on earth?) plus the amazing amount of food stands and restaurants at the ball park, you are looking at a trip cost of $300.

Angel’s stadium not only has a really nice setting but a rich history since 1965. This summer the park and the franchise also opened the stadium up to allow entertainment from singers and performers of all backgrounds like country and rap.

Leaving this Orange County area toward the city of angels is another easy step with the train station nearby.

A ticket price from Anaheim station to Union station is $8.25.

Hotels in the Los Angeles area range from all different prices but if you are looking for a cheap route Cecil Hotel in Downtown is close and is only $49 a night.

If you are a true Dodgers fan there is no conceivable way that you can visit the park and not get a Dodger hot dog.  Dodger dogs are only $9 and are one of the most popular items at the park, almost as popular as Vin Scully.

Dodgers Stadium set in the Chavez Ravine is one of the most historic baseball sights in all of MLB with only the Cubs Wrigley Park and the Red Sox Fenway Park.

Most all of the ticket prices in baseball have been going down and you can find many tickets for “infield dirt” cheap.

Take two weeks out of your summer to travel this beautiful states while taking in some of the greatest ball parks in the country.