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Voices within the Shootings

By Israel Ramirez |Staff Writer| Members of the businesses around the Inland Regional center open up about their experiences after being put on lockdown during the terrorist attack last year….

London gets bloody gory

By Andrea Jimenez | Staff Writer | “London Has Fallen” was not my favorite film, but I cannot say that it did not keep me in suspense, while shedding a…

America and Russia: possible partnership

By Raequan Harrison |Staff Writer| Russia will join President Obama in the fight against ISIS-under one condition.   “The roots of ISIS can be traced, in part, to the U.S….

Chronicle news briefs

By Daniel DeMarco |Staff Writer| Pig virus continues to spread across U.S. (Jan. 18) A deadly pig virus has reportedly spread to Wyoming and California, bringing the total number of…

Obama launches spy reforms of phone records

By Clarissa Toll |Staff Writer| President Barack Obama has set out to reform the way Americans’ phone records are collected for the government’s use. Obama intends to change the way these…