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Communication differences

By Yena Hong |Staff Writer| Communication is one of the biggest problems that many Korean students currently face here at CSUSB. Through verbal and nonverbal communication, Korean students find it…

World Wide Knowledge

By Monica Rosales |Staff Writer| The studying abroad program at CSUSB is offering countless opportunities for students to reach out of their comfort zone and travel the world. Imagine a…

A day in Japan, Drawing students’ attention to Japanese culture

By Hairuo Yi |Staff Writer| Japan Day, a school event drawing students’ attention to Japanese culture and the internationalization of campus, was held Nov. 18.   There were four activities…

International Market Night

By Zhiying Xu |Staff Writer| Music, free giveaways, art walk, food, inflatables and other fun activities took place at the International Market Night on the Library’s Lawn, Nov. 18 from 4p.m….

Exploring different perspectives

By Seungkyung Baek  |Staff Writer| Most international students go through culture shock because of the different languages and customs. Students notice an environmental difference between their home countries and America….