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My Rise Above the Blue Funk

By Sandy Rodriguez |Staff Writer| This is the story of how I saved myself. In 2014, life was on a downward spiral after the tough moments of life simply got…

Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand

By Lauren JenningsĀ |Staff Writer| “I personally feel that if I didn’t exercise regularly, I would go crazy. Overall, it just makes me feel so much better. I don’t think I’ve…

Cold winter days got you feeling SAD?

By Erica Wong |Foreign Corresponding| As the temperatures dropped, everyone was taking advantage of the time off from school to travel and prepare for the holidays. Everyone except for me….

Neurofeedback program

By Chelsea Galvez |Staff Writer| Student Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can participate in Neurofeedback sessions through The Institute for Research, Assessment and Professional Development at CSUSB….

Community Counselor Center now taking appointments

By Aimee Villalpando |Staff Writer| The Community Counseling Center currently has openings for children, adolescents, and adult clients from campus and the Inland Empire community who are struggling with depression,…