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Donald Trump no different than Hitler

By Erendy Torres |Staff Writer| “Make America great again,” is the slogan Donald Trump is utilizing in his presidency¬†campaign. Interestingly enough, Adolf Hitler’s slogan was “Make Germany great.” What does…

U.S. debt compared to other countries

By Angel Lizardi¬†|Staff Writer| The United States avoids joining Nazi Germany as the only major economic power to default on their loans, when Congress agreed to a new debt ceiling….

Eiffel Tower

Traveling abroad is a must for college students

By Suu Elen Manzano |Staff Writer| Traveling abroad is a no-brainer if you can afford it during your college experience. CSUSB students have many opportunities throughout the year available to…

US Women's Soccer Team 2011

America might not be known for soccer, but it should be

By Eric Brown |Managing Editor| The US Women’s soccer team is ranked number one in the world according to FIFA’s official standings, and they has shown exactly why that is…