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Money Monster – Movie Review

By Rebekah Deponte |Staff Writer| “Money Monster” is categorized as a thriller, however, there is not much thrill to it. There was some suspense, humor, romance, action and shock. As well as a lot of aspects of different genres scattered throughout the…

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Poppin’ Newz

By Carolyn Solar |Staff Writer| Axl Rose joining AC/DC for upcoming tour  Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose, will be joining AC/DC for the remainder of their tour, after singer Brian Johnson is advised by health…

Tomorrowland is not the future

By Tiffany Moyes |Staff Writer| Disney missed the mark with its new film “Tomorrowland,” released May 22 in theaters. This new live action Disney film is based on the popular land found in many Disney parks, Tomorrowland….