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Guerrilla Girls go bananas

By Samantha Flores & Janet Martinez |Staff Writers| The Guerrilla Girls have come to CSUSB to display, challenge, and discuss the role of gender and inequality within the fine arts….

The Bathroom Law Pt.2

By Kevin Miller |Coyote Contributor| It is astounding to have peers who believe the minority should shelve their desire for equality for the convenience of the majority when, not yet…

“Bathrooms For All” event creates neutral place

By Aimee Villalpando |Staff Writer| Individuals of different sexes were able to use the same restroom in last week’s “Restrooms For All” event in the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU)….

Gender as social construct

By Marlyn Rodriguez |Managing Editor| Patriarchy is defined as a system that grants power to men and oppresses women. Our society is male dominated, male identified and male centered. Although…

Obama enforces legal policy to close gender wage gap

By Koby Heramil |Editor-in-chief| It’s ridiculous that working females are still being paid less than their male counterparts. President Barack Obama along with Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers motioned…