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By Janet Curiel |Staff Writer| “Bernie! Bernie! Not me, us!” echoed from over 5200 supporters at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino on May 24.   Democratic presidential…


Acto Latino Theatre Group

By Janet Curiel |Staff Writer| Acto Latino Theater Group, along with Los Amigos Spanish Club and the Transnational Commons Collective Club, are gearing up for Dia Latino on June 2…

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Bernie Sanders club

By Janet Curiel |Staff Writer| Students were feeling the “bern” at the “Bernstorm” event in the SMSU on May 4, hosted by Students for Bernie Sanders Club.   The club,…


CSUSB business program ranks high in official CEO magazine

By Daniel DeMarco |Assitant Features Editor| CSUSB’s Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program has been ranked 2 in a global top 20 list. CEO Magazine’s International Graduate Forum (IGF) ranked…

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What to consider when choosing health insurance

By Daniel DeMarco |Staff Writer| The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has launched, but there are other options for health insurance. Obamacare was created for a purpose presented…