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By Dalal Museitef  |Staff Writer|

IMG_0966The Swoll Life Project (SLP) posts daily video clips and memes on Instagram to help followers achieve a more successful lifestyle.

With the accumulation of close to 4,000 followers in only two months, SLP upholds three values that will keep you on a consistent track to success: education, a good time, and fitness.

After searching the hashtag CSUSB on Instagram, I came across three sets of dreamy eyes. I clicked on the video, discovering the three motivating students, Philip Castellanos, Kevin Fajardo, and Jorge Partida.

They posted reality-inspired videos gave me an inside look of how the trio lives day-to-day, while still maintaining their three values.

“Everyone is a Swoll Life Project in themselves…being Swoll is not just one thing. You can be a runner or basketball player and still be considered to live a Swoll life,” said Castellanos.

Creating hashtags such as #CSUSB, #SelfImprovment, and #FitnessMotivation to reel viewers in, SLP consistently receives over 150 likes on their posts.

While interviewing the trio, Castellanos, also known as Big P, gave off a serious, sensitive side of himself.

“Well, at times, yes, we have different point of views, but at the end of the day we combine those different perceptions that make us unique and ultimately come together to create interesting videos,” said Castellanos.

Aside from pursuing grad school, Castellanos maintains a family owned business that provides care to people with mental disorders. He is also a chef and caregiver of two of the four home facilities within Riverside. Although they are a collection of characters, Fajardo seems to grasp more of what the audience wants.

He tends to go for the extreme by posting videos of over exaggerated workouts and relates to what every college student relates to, especially getting Swoll. “Every student has to study, everyone parties and everyone tries to stay fit,” said Fajardo.IMG_0983

Fajardo contributes his knowledge of kinesiology throughout his videos, by training and spotting Partida. Being experienced as a MMA Club member at CSUSB, Fajardo shares his love for fighting by posting humorous memes.

He also receives supportive comments from well-known UFC fighter, Urijah Faber. Partida consistently heard of SLP while group chatting with the other members.

“They kept chanting, ‘SLP, SLP.’ I had no idea what it meant,” said Fajardo.

He was eventually added to the group by Castellanos and Fajardo, as an example of what it is to be Swoll.

Partida also worked behind the scenes, sporadically following friends on Instagram and advertising the SLP logo on Facebook. Majoring in kinesiology, Parida also contributes his fitness knowledge. Being a soccer referee, he hopes that with this project he can still continue to live by the three values.

“These three values are what bind our friendship,” said Partida.

Two of the five members, founder Juan Carlos (JC) Varcas and graphic designer Lex Walker, have contributed to SLP as well. Walker has recently designed logos symbolizing SLP with the incorporation of books, drinks, and dumbbells.

Openly admitting that this project will eventually end, they will still show what they’ve gained when they transition into the real world.

They are still collecting footage for their debut YouTube video, so be sure to keep up with them on Instagram, @TheSwollLifeProject.



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