Surfing the clean beach from Pure Life

By Anette Verdejo |Staff Writer|

Imagine you just surfed the perfect wave and as you’re walking out of the water you step on a piece of glass that was in the sand.

This may have happened to you or to someone that you know. Keeping our beaches clean is vital to continuing our enjoyment of sports such as surfing.

Pura Vida bracelets are helping surfers and the public take care of our coast by doing their part to keep our beaches clean.

The company Pura Vida, adopts the concept of Pura Vida which means ‘Pure Life’ in Spanish. According to the website, living “Pura Vida” entails enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted.

Pura Vida bracelets are handmade bracelets from Costa Rica. Their story begins with two friends who went to Costa Rica on vacation.

During their vacation, the two men stumbled upon a man named Jorge who was selling the colorful bracelets on the street.

They ended up purchasing 400 bracelets from Jorge to take back to the United States with them.

When they returned, they placed the bracelets in a bowl in a boutique and they quickly sold out. The pair realized that there might be an excellent business opportunity right in front of them.

They contacted Jorge and employed him to make bracelets for them. Even though it was a fantastic business opportunity for them, they helped Jorge as well.

Jorge was able to employ members of his community to help make the bracelets and he now has enough money to buy a home for his family.

One of the best things about Pura Vida is that they donate a portion of their sales to help keep our earth green and they are a member of “One Percent for the Planet,” which is an organization that lets companies donate one percent of their sales to a network of environmental organizations.

Pura Vida donates it’s one percent to “The Surfrider Foundation,” an organization dedicated to protecting our beaches and our environment. As Californians, that is something that we all can appreciate.

“As a surfer, clean beaches are very important; nobody wants to step on glass or another person’s trash. We don’t want our beaches to be destroyed either. We just want to enjoy the water and ‘The Surfrider Foundation’ is helping to ensure that the quality of our beaches remains intact and that our children will be able to enjoy it just as we have,” said Marc Johnson, a local surfer.

Unknown to most students at CSUSB, there is a campus rep for Pura Vida, Stephanie Stasa.

“I chose to get involved with Pura Vida because it was doing something good for the planet and I wanted to give back,” said Stasa.

“By purchasing a Pura Vida bracelet, not only are you supporting “One Percent for the Planet” and “The Surfrider Foundation,” you’re also staying up to date with fashion and spreading the word to stop pollution of our beaches.”

You can purchase a Pura Vida bracelet online at or at stores that support products with a cause.