Sure hard to get a job in San Bernardino

By Anna Gonzales |Staff Writer|


CSUSB Student Andrew Reveles

San Bernardino is the most difficult city in the nation to find employment, according to the consumer financial site Wallethub.

Moreno Valley followed in second place.

Wallethub gathered 150 of the most populated cities in the country, using Job market standing and comparing Socio-economic environments from each city to conclude their findings.

They focused on job opportunities, employment growth, unemployment rate for various education levels, as well as median annual income.

San Bernardino also ranks fifth for holding the highest unemployment rate for people with a Bachelors degree or higher, according to Wallethub.

I interviewed four students attending Cal State San Bernardino who are expecting to graduate this spring, and asked for their opinion on the matter.

“It is scary enough the idea of having to get a job right out of school with student loans hanging over your head, but add the stress of a bad local job market and it’s enough to give you gray hair,” stated Sondra Riehart.

Riehart is concerned with “losing out on possible [job] opportunities by going to a school that is surrounded by such a dismal job market.”

She has her sights set on San Diego for seeking employment and has decided not to search throughout San Bernardino on the basis of a small job market.

Andrew Reveles holds a more optimistic view on the new findings.

AndrewReveles4“It’s unfortunate San Bernardino landed where it did,” stated Reveles.

While he too does not have any plans on searching for employment in San Bernardino or the surrounding areas, he hopes that “in time it will work its way up.”

Although Reveles is hopeful about finding a job allowing him to stay in California, he does have an open mind for moving to the East coast for work as well.

“It’s always more about the journey rather than the destination,” added Reveles.

Students Alexandra Martinez and Ashley McDaniel agree that learning about San Bernardino being ranked the most difficult city for employment is not the best news, but are willing to consider relocating for their professions if necessary.

“This information definitely adds some pressure, but it isn’t something to be down about,” stated Martinez.

Martinez’s plans include moving out of state shortly after graduation, but remains mindful of other job opportunities present throughout the United States.

McDaniel recognizes it may be the most logical choice to seek employment in other cities and states.

It is disheartening students feel forced to relocate for jobs outside of San Bernardino rather than staying within the city to maintain and promote the growth of the educated workforce in the vicinity
San Bernardino would not be at the top of my list to search for employment due to the difficulty of finding jobs.

The low hiring rates in San Bernardino do not discourage me because I know that opportunities are waiting for me outside the city.

I am no stranger to commuting for work, and I expect no less for my future profession.



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