Super Smash Brothers invades the Gamers Lounge

By Geselle Martinez |Staff Writer|

The CSUSB Super Smash Brothers Tournament was full of excitement, energy and suspense. The tournament was held at the Student Union’s Gamers Lounge.

The winner of the overall tournament was Luis Canas, who ended taking home the grand prize: a $50 Visa gift card.

The atmosphere had the feel of a high-stakes basketball game. The suspense of someone winning a round was constantly building.

Four players competed against each other in each round. It was double elimination for each round and every player had two lives.

DJ Wall-E kept the party going with his sick ass beats. He was playing mainstream and electro music which created a nightclub vibe. His main genre of music is hip-hop which he played more towards the end of the competition.

Carlos Santana was placed second in one of the rounds. He was playing for fun and chose Pikachu as his character because of the character’s lightning speed.

Tyler Stickney felt pretty good after winning his first round. His favorite character is Ness and his strategy was get the other players close to the edge, hoping they’d fall off the map and lose a life while gaining a knockout point for himself.

Eduardo Caldera chose R.O.B. as his character for the round he won, he likes to switch off with R.O.B. and Pikachu. His strategy was to keep the enemies close. Caldera said playing in his winning round was “nerve-racking and exciting” for him.

The setting where the tournament was held was a great place because it was spacious and big screen TV perfect for the players and the audience to spectate.

Kyle Cantrell, who went from the loser’s bracket to winning first place in one of the rounds, was in zone. He chose Ness as his character and was listening to “Big Spenders”  by Theophilus London ft. ASAP Rocky throughout his winning round. Cantrell might been playing just for fun, but he sure made an awesome comeback.

Willie Sanders, who won second place in one of the rounds, chose Wolf as his character. His strategy was to try not to be double teamed, especially by his least favorite character to compete against, Fox.

Canas, the winner of the competition, chose R.O.B. because that’s his favorite character.

“I’m just playing for fun and I had no strategy,” said Canas.

He hasn’t played in six months and was happy to win the tournament. When asked what he was going to do with the $50 Visa Gift Card, Canas said, “I’m going to party.”

The Super Smash Brothers Tournament was a competition of the best players competing against each other. If your looking to win some extra cash or just want to have a good time playing video games, then be sure you attend the next tournament.


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