Super bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks

Ben Liebenberg, NFL

By Clarissa Toll & Justin Sandoval |Assistant News Editor & Assistant Sports Editor|

New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX with a final score of 28-24.

Down ten points to start the fourth quarter the Patriots finish can be described as one word, clutch.

Second and goal with a timeout to spare and running back Marshawn Lynch dominating the football game, one yard away from a second championship, Seahawks fans were ready to celebrate sure victory.

Ben Liebenberg, NFL

Ben Liebenberg, NFL

Malcom Butler, Patriots’ rookie corner back, intercepted Wilson’s pass with 20 seconds left on the clock resulting in the Patriots win.

“I’ve studied the film, game preparation, I knew that side of the field was stacked,” said Butler in reaction to his game clinching interception.

“I just beat him to the play, I jumped my route and made the play, I knew my team needed it,” Butler continued.

The game’s lead changed multiple times throughout with the outcome bright for Seattle early in the third quarter with a lead of 10.

New England made the final two touchdowns in the fourth quarter that clenched the win for the Patriots.

Tensions ran high as the second to the final play resulted in a fight between teams and the ejection of Bruce Irvin, Seahawks linebacker.

The game proved host to firsts for both teams.

Brady surpassed Joe Montana’s record of most touch down passes in Super Bowl history with his 46th post-season pass.

Chris Matthews, an NFL rookie, made his first NFL catch and impressed with a 44 yard catch that would help the Seahawks tie up the game in the second quarter.

Brynn Anderson, AP Photo

Brynn Anderson, AP Photo

Matthews was just recently added to the Seahawks roster in December with spending most of the past season on the team’s practice squad, according to ESPN.

Super Bowl XLIX is the first win for the Patriots in 10 years. In most recent years, Patriots lost twice to the New York Giants in 2007 and 2011.

Among all the first Super Bowl XLIX brought most will question Seahawk head coach Pete Carrolls decision to the throw the ball on second and goal only a yard away from victory.

The Seahawks as a team averaged 5.6 yards per rush, NBC commentators immediately questioning Carrolls decision to throw the ball.

“It’s a play that we really tried to keep him from making. I told those guys, that’s my fault totally,” Carroll told NBC, as he explained his game losing decision.



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