Summer styles to keep you trendy

By Katherine Henley |Staff Writer|

With school almost out for the summer it is time to pick up some vintage inspired jeans, floral print rompers and pair of bright wedges for the season.

Some fun fearless fashion trends that are on the rise are sheer and breezy pieces that you can throw on after a day of lounging on the beach, whether it’s to stroll the boardwalk or to swing by a trendy restaurant. Crop tops, lace tee’s and open-knit dresses are available and accessible in your local Forever 21.

Rompers, also known as jumpers, and one piece bathing suits are back in style as the weather continues to heat up.  A romper is a combination of a pair of shorts and a shirt, while being loose fitting and easy to move around in. They are in almost every clothing store and very trendy for this summer. They come in every style and design now. Whether it is a tank top, strapless or halter, there is a romper for that.

“Some of my favorite types of rompers are the spaghetti strap kind with floral designs. I also really like the strapless design when it is really hot outside. They even make a great bathing suit cover up! I think I have a romper in every color and style out there,” said trendy student Paige Jones.

It’s time to put away the dark winter boots and pick up a pair of cute candy-hued wedges for this season.  Wedges and heels with a platform at the base are a must for the summertime. Not only do heels with a platform at the base help elongate legs, they are also easier to walk in because it takes the pressure off the feet.

“DSW is my all time favorite place to go shoe shopping. They always have the hottest trends and any sort of shoe that I would want to buy. Right now, my favorite pairs of shoes are wedges that have a bright color to them. Wedges are the perfect summer shoe,” said student Brittany Marceau.

“The new washes for jeans this summer are all about soft shades with a bit of a vintage look: anything faded, bubblegum pink or medium blue,” according to Style Q&A.

As for nails, white is the color of the season. Pairing the white polish with some jewels makes for an edgy affect. The more glitter nail polish contains the better. “The heavier particles anchor the polish to the nail, so it lasts a week or so longer than regular nails,” according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

“A major summer do for me is nail art by Sally Hansen. I can get any design I want, like zebra, cheetah and floral. It’s great and super easy to apply. It lasts a long time as well. A summer don’t would be black nail polish or any dark colored nail polish for that matter,” said student Ashley Gonzales.

Keep your eye out for these summer trends on the rise and be one of the first to pick up some bright nail art and breezy knit dresses at your local mall.




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