Summer school provides students advantages

csusbBy Davon Dean |Staff Writer|

When it comes to attending summer school, most students are hesitant to sign up for classes due to how much it costs.

In my opinion, I think it is very important for each student to explore and understand what he or she is paying to get through college.

I believe students should not have to dwell on the price of college, but on the outcome and how it will benefit them in the future.

Student Alicia Garcia pointed out how expensive it is to attend summer courses.
“Not only are we paying $220 per unit, we also have to pay an additional $225 for mandatory campus fees; [and] I don’t even know what are mandatory campus fees,” said Garcia.

I completed an on campus survey on how many students attended summer school in the past and if they were planning to attend this year and if not, why?

From the ten students in the survey, most had not attended summer school at CSUSB in the past.

Amanda Rossi, a student who has not attended summer school claimed it was due to not having the funds for the classes.

Another student brought up the issue with summer classes being too long.

Rossi said she wishes the length of summer classes were the same as the other academic quarters.
According to the survey, a number of students are not attending summer school because of how inconvenient the times are and the amount it costs to attend.

Students should re-evaluate and enroll in upcoming summer classes because there are several perks with taking classes in the summer.

For one, there are more high-demand courses being offered over the summer than ever before, and students that take advantage of this are that much closer towards graduating.

CSUSB is encouraging all students to attend this summer. According to a financial aid poster, “This summer at CSUSB, students will have amazing opportunities to get ahead FAST!”

More so, students that received financial aid could advance sooner to the next class level (e.g., freshmen to sophomore).

Most students, like myself, who are so close to graduating or just need one more class should take up this offer. Summer enrollment begins May 21st.

For more information on summer enrollment, visit or contact: (909)-537-3978.


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