Summer Destinations

By Monica Rosales |Staff Writer|

Summer is right around the corner and the time to start planning vacations is now—California is ideal for the summer weather and students share their favorite destinations for vacation time.

“Palm Springs has a lazy river that’s fun and relaxing to hang around,” said student Alexandria Ornelas. “It is the perfect local getaway.”

A city located in the middle of the desert may not sound attractive unless you find out about their hot springs, hotels, golf courses and countless spas for a relaxing getaway.

On the other hand, the beaches of California tend to be the first on the list of many options people pick.

“Laying on the beach is so relaxing and it feels like a very open environment to hang out with friends and be outdoors,” said Dana Sanchez.

Beaches have a lot to offer; from Santa Monica and its pier with many rides and restaurant options to Laguna Beach and the palm trees around the city that one can admire and Huntington where it is a perfect spot for a late night bonfire.

For those willing to travel a bit further, the lakes of Laughlin, Nevada are the perfect spot to go for a huge family get together to go jet skiing and take a trip on a boat.

Summer concerts are also very popular because they give the opportunity for a night out with friends.

Cities all around host concerts on the weekends with food and drinks to enjoy while listening to some of your favorite bands.

In addition to concerts, outdoor movie showings are popular as well.

LA is well known for their Street Food Cinema event which invites people from all over to watch a classic movie on the big screen while enjoying the comfort of junk food.

“Street Food Cinema is my favorite,” said student Richard Mendoza. “We all go in a huge group to watch movies and we bring in a lot of our favorite snacks.”

The fun of exploring cities is always a must when you get to view the beauty of something different and new.

Places like Old Town Temecula, Pasadena and Riverside are well known for their classical looks and old town appeal to the public. They provide a rustic charm for a day way.

Museums are also a great escape because they have a lot to offer for the city they’re in.

“I feel like I’m there at the scene of everything,” said student Stacey Sanchez. “I get so much feeling and emotion from being able to see the images and artifacts they have on display.”

With so many things to do, it’s important to get an early start on your summer bucket list.


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