Summer aid will still be available for students

By Linda Tran |Staff Writer|

CSUSB will offer a full summer session for current students and visiting students at both CSUSB’s main campus and the Palm Dessert campus starting June 22.

While many local colleges are either limiting or closing their summer session, students will get the opportunity to take courses at CSUSB and gravitate closer to graduation.

According to Andrew Bodman, provost and vice president for academic affairs said,”We want to encourage students throughout the region – our own and others – to take a class they couldn’t get during the traditional academic year, to stay on track for graduation or even to get ahead of schedule.”

Bodman said that last summer around 400 courses were offered, and this summer they will be offering about the same number.

Students who are eligible for financial aid can be covered for their summer session and students who aren’t eligible, or who forgot to apply, still have the opportunity to apply before the deadline at the end of May.

Rosenna Ruiz, director of the Financial Aid Office explained the remaining amount of financial aid left for the student’s academic year can be used for their summer session.

“We treat our summer as part of the current academic year financial aid eligibility, so we’ll move over anything [the students] didn’t use,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz also said that the financial aid office monitors student’s academic progress to make sure the students who get in the session will perform well over the summer.

“We’re going to offer the aid but we won’t release the aid until we know for sure if they make academic progress,” said Ruiz.

Fees will be the same as in the regular academic year, but in addition, there will be a $60 unit self support fee.

At other universities, a self support fee is just a flat rate paid by students regardless of status.

Student Johnny Brown said he considered going to summer school but may decline because the $60 unit fee.

“My major [criminal justice] is second runner up to biology or nursing, so the units aren’t that high in demand,” said Brown.

Some students take the opportunity to take courses over the summer session, regardless of how high the cost.

Student Stefany Zecharias said she is taking eight units that will cost about $2,150 not including books or the parking permit. She is paying without financial support.

There are other opportunities for students to receive aid, including loans from the campus.

The College of Extended Learning (CEL) will be offering a limited amount of grant money that will be awarded to students that come from a first serve basis.

According to Bodman, the university offers a longer summer session than any other CSU campus.

CSUSB students can enroll the summer session by registering online through their MyCoyote.

Students coming from a sister CSU or community college can register through the CEL on campus.

Students have the option to engage in the 10-week summer session which lasts from June 22 to Aug. 31, or the rapid six-week session, which is split into two parts and runs from June 22-July 27. and Aug. 2-Sept. 6.

Bodman said that students who deal with the dramatic decline of classes at community colleges can take courses at CSUSB that are not offered at their school.

For more information about the summer session, visit the CEL’s website at



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