Study tips for a successful school year

By Yezi Cho |Staff Writer|

The 2012 winter quarter is among us. Like many students, everyone expects to have straight A’s on their report cards. To make it a reality; the following study tips can lead you to a successful quarter.

Go to class every day. It sounds simple but it is the most important and basic thing you should keep in mind.

What kind of boss will pay a worker who did not come to work? It is ridiculous if you wish to pass the class even when you don’t attend. Every test question comes from your professor during their lectures. Go to class and get the right information from the right person, at the right place.

Take notes with your own words. When you study, there is nothing more important than understanding the information. Let’s say the professor gives you food. Then you are going to digest it to nurture your body. When the professor gives you information, you need to digest and understand the information.  It is an ultimate goal of both the professor and students.

Joohee Yang, an international business major, takes her notes with few easy words. She said, “You don’t have to write down everything the professor says.” Take the lecture with your own understanding and knowledge. Just jot down only the main points with your own words.

Make a group and study together. Many hands make work light. Share information about the class. Ask and teach each other. Group work leads the members to think more critically so that you will have diverse ways to solve problems.

Time management is another way to help you study better. Never put off the assignment or study for the exam until the last minute. You need to make a list of priorities of what is important to study.

Do the most urgent and significant tasks in descending order. If you hold off the work you do not want to do right now, you won’t be able to study well even though you are under deadline pressure. When mid-terms and finals are around the corner, you won’t be panicking if you use your time wisely.

Take a rest while you study. Stretching and relaxing during your work is important. Take a little nap so your brain also gets some rest. If you take a nap between the studies your brain will be fresh and you will be able to concentrate more easily.

Ultimately, if you follow these steps you will succeed in this quarter and get straight A’s.

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