Students unleash the true meaning behind their ink

IMG_1004By Lupe Perez |Staff Writer|

Tattoos—a form of body art that people have as a form of self-expression.

The meaning behind a tattoo can range from something near and dear, or something as simple as an impulse.

Many people feel their tattoos represent their background and life as a whole.

Its almost as if their identity is naked without having the ink on their public image.

Ink is permanent, but it is no longer as big of a taboo in society as it once was.

Tattoos were once a form of rebellion and were seen as unprofessional and needed to remain hidden.

Now, they are a form of body art and self-expression, the portrayal of a person as a whole.

People go through times in life where they feel lost and tattoos can be a motivation and demonstrate that they can get through anything.

“I was inspired by my favorite band City & Colour, they helped get me through a rough time in my life,” said student Irene Tobias.

Sometimes people get tattoos with multiple meanings and purposes.

“I got a matching tattoo of an elephant with my best friend, it’s also my favorite animal and reminds me of my grandparents,” said student Colleen Cabral.

When figuring out what you want to embody who you are, it may take a lot of thought, because at the end of the day, it is permanent.

There are moments where you see an image and it just speaks to you.

Everyone’s life takes different turns to get them where they need to be.

“My tattoo is of a woman displayed as a gypsy for the free spirited aspects in life, the compass below her portrays freedom yet it points me in the right direction,” said student Miranda Johnson.

At times art, is represented differently within cultures, languages, and symbols.

“I got the geographical location of where my mom was born I thought it was cool to represent her culture and background,” said student Erika Carol.

Art is subjective and what is meaningless to one person can mean the world to another.

So, while you’re walking to class, be sure to acknowledge the true meaning of their art work.

Art is limitless; every piece has an excellent story to go with it.

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