Students unaware about resourceful campus Amenities

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By Steffanie Martinez |Staff Writer|

CSUSB offers a wide range of amenities for students to help them succeed academically.

Amenities range from workshop classes, job search help, better classroom facilities and even better places for students to spend their downtime.

Most recent tax reports of our University show that approximately $23,701,744 have been spent in the last year on “student services” and $21,183,805 being spent on academic support, according to the 2013-2014 CSUSB Reporting Package statement.

A lot of money is being spent and the issue with having these amenities is not the lack of them, but the lack of communication with our students about those provisions.

Our campus offers more than enough provisions, but information regarding those services are not reaching students.

As a transfer student the first thing I noticed was how hard this campus works to provide all it can to help students succeed academically and become more involved.

Provisions like the Career Center, tutoring, Greek life, extracurricular activities and workshops held at the student union are a great example.

Workshops offer a range of classes from self-defense classes, body positivity, discussions of race and sex education.

Discussion is encouraged among students, especially those who have not had an opportunities to learn or talk about certain issues outside of the academic setting.

Starting in 2015, CSUSB began the celebration of its 50th anniversary, a milestone which brought forward the opportunities for the campus to do some revamping.

Major changes were made to the San Manuel Student Union (SMSU). It now houses new furniture, different paint and is attracting more students than ever before.

New technology was introduced as well.

Students are now able to install free antivirus software to their devices and free Microsoft 365 Office software.

The university partnered with Powermat to bring students wireless charging and printing capabilities located throughout campus, as well as student collaboration tables.

President Tomás Morales mentioned in the 2016 California Investment guide that, “90 percent of our students commute to campus.”

Commuting students often spend full days here, and more contact with them as well as other students to take advantage of what is offered would give the school a greater sense of community.

Senior Lucya Amezcua mentioned, what she thinks would help.

“A calendar through the schools app for events that are going around campus not just run by administration, but by ASI. That way anyone can look up what is going on around campus in live times and go.”

I would enjoy having real time notifications of the events going on around campus sent directly to my phone.

All the resources offered by CSUSB are for the students, and it seems wasteful that we are not taking full advantage of them—not because we don’t want to but because we are not aware of them.

A more open line of communication between administration and students would be an effective solution.

Coming together to think of ways these useful amenities can reach the student body.

The investments the school has made towards these programs, workshops, facilities and technologies need to be put to good use.

We look past all these opportunities without thinking that essentially they are there to provide us with a more enriching college experience.

It is easy to forget that our tuition money is partially funding these amenities. Administration should come up with a more reliable and accessible way to inform students about the resources available for our benefit.

In return, the students will be encouraged to utilize the various amenities they are already paying for as part of their tuition.

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