Students try their hands in casino night

By Yaneth Hoil |Staff Writer|

Hundreds of dollars worth of prizes were given away at CSUSB’s Poker Night. Students were encouraged to have fun while playing various casino style games.
There were many winners throughout the night as casino poker games and free refreshments were available and enjoyed by attendees.

Over $75,000 worth of poker chips were handed out throughout the evening making poker night a success. Various raffles took place as students enjoyed their company with friends and gambled for prizes which included poker sets, gift cards and cash certificates.

At the entrance each person was given a $500 card and was free to gamble this amount as desired throughout the night.

Some people won and others lost, however the bottom line was that everyone had fun. Gilbert Aldana winner of a poker set said, “It’s a great way to have fun without getting into trouble.”

The prizes were real but the gambling chips did not represent any real money values. Even those who lost enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their friends.

Christine Tamang recommends students to attend Poker Night in the future because its worry free, fun and you don’t have to spend your own money to participate. Tamang and her friends agreed that the games were complicated and they had no prior knowledge of how to play, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the night.

There was an abundant crowd and plenty of people willing to place their bets at the poker tables.

Rusty Palmer won the grand prize at the previous poker night and although he admitted that he lost all of his gambling chips this time he said it was all about having fun. All participants were advised to use their money wisely because it was all they had to gamble with.

Besides being fun and exciting poker night also gave students a chance to participate and get involved. “Events like these are helpful simply because they allow me to relax from the stress of school while having fun with my friends,” said Mohammad Abukamleh another winner of the night.
The grand prize of $200 attracted many students however the majority stayed for the fun and challenge of the games.  Many of the students felt compelled to play by the opportunity of winning.
“The grand prize brought me to the event, it’s fun exciting I felt on the edge like I was close to winning,” said Marquist  Ware.

Events like Poker Night have a great purpose according to Araceli Magdaleno a program board member. Such activities are organized throughout the year at no charge to the students in order to get them more involved in school events. Students are exposed to new pastimes and people which helps them become more comfortable with the university.

Poker Night was a guilty free distraction that allowed students to feel like real gamblers for the night without the responsibility of playing with real money. Those who attended agreed that as they entered they had nothing to lose and a couple of them left with prices they didn’t image they could have won.



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