Students survive awkward first dates

awkward first dates

By Danielle Workman |Staff Writer|

First dates are fun and exciting, but can be a bit nerve-wracking.

You might not know anything about the person, but you are putting yourself out on the line in hopes that a relationship will form.

Our generation is changing; you can find every detail you wish to know about the person online before the date.

With Facebook and Twitter, you are able to know where your date works, where they go to school, who they are friends with and what they look like.

You can virtually know everything about your date before your first face-to-face conversation.

We don’t talk on the phone, we text and ladies are not waiting around for the gentleman to make the first move.

With so much confusion in the air, who even knows how a first date is supposed to go anymore. I’m here to share with you the buzz around campus.

Student Shelby McCliman shares her list of first dates do’s and don’ts. “For all my ladies; be classy, dress tastefully and do not put it all out there on the first date! Order something more than the side salad. Show you are confident!”

For women, there are many thoughts going through our heads before the date even starts.

“What am I going to wear? Is he tall or short? What are we going to talk about? Where are we going to eat? What should I order?”

My advice: take a breathe, slow down and relax. Don’t put any more pressure or expectations on the date.

Gentlemen, McCliman has a little advice for you too, “Open her door, whether it be the car or a building.” A little chivalry will go far.

The first thing a girl notices when walking into a building on a date, is if the gentleman will hold the door open for her.

Second, “even if your date offers, don’t let her pay for the bill on the first date,” explained McCliman.

Yes, times are changing but this is one tradition that should remain the same.

If everything goes well and a relationship forms how do you keep the first date excitement on future dates?

Student Veronica Smith shares her story and some examples that have helped keep her relationship on fire.

“On my first date with my boyfriend, we went for sushi. I didn’t know how to use chopsticks, and that was the first thing he noticed. He spent the next few minutes trying to teach me how, and made a point in saying he would teach me on the next date… three years later, and I now know how to use chopsticks,” said Smith.

Take Smith as an example, just because you don’t know how to do something be willing to try.

Sure, you might be shy or nervous but you will definitely create a great story.

Smith is in a long distance relationship, and whenever her boyfriend comes home, they go back to reminisce on where they first began.

Go back to the place where it all started, and have fun with your first date butterflies.


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