Students show their spirit at Yotie Gras

By Yezi Cho |Staff Writer|

Enthusiastic students gathered in the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) on Feb. 6 to kick-off Homecoming Week.

The Homecoming Week celebration consisted of a series of events which aimed to promote our home games and provided students with different fun events and games.

In the Yotie Gras kick-off Rally, Coyote cheerleaders showed up in the SMSU lobby to cheer students up. The program board staff gave students T-shirts and jewels.  Students decorated their own masks for Yotie Gras Dance and student workers promoted other events happening throughout the week such as Silent Library.

Everyone in the SMSU celebrated the start of Homecoming Week, enjoying various events ranging from singing to dancing.

The Homecoming Pep Rally event was exciting for students. They where able to forget about studies, stress and pressures of the  quarter, and concentrate on having a fun time with their fellow Coyotes.

It’s refreshing that the campus holds these events for students to cut away from the constant pressure they face with schoolwork. Students seemed happy and eagerly participated.

This was my first Yotie Gras, but I wanted to make the most of it, so I tried to avoid being hesitant. I found it amusing. The students and staff that were a part of it were all nice,  and I was able to get involved. The entire atmosphere in the SMSU was great and full of cheerfulness.

“This Homecoming Pep Rally is an annual tradition and it is here to stay, we would love it if more students participated,” said Rosemary Zometa who is program coordinator of Student Leaderships Development (SLD) office and the SMSU program board.

I hope these kinds of events and games remain. They elicit students’ happiness  and make our time on the campus more joyful.

Don’t be disappointed  if you missed the week-long homecoming events and games. Check out CSUSB websites’ calendar for a list of  future games.


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