Students share what they love and hate about campus

By Nailea Fabiola Ayala |Staff Writer|

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CSUSB students give their school some tough love when they share their likes and dislikes about the campus.
Students spend endless hours in classes, studying in the library, or taking  lunch breaks in the Santos Manuel Student Union.
Whatever the case may be, CSUSB has become almost like a second home for the student body.
Let’s start out with something we often daydream about: food.
“The layout of the food court is terrible; it’s cramped and feels hidden. The market in the union usually seems to be half empty and most things don’t have prices listed,” said student Skylar Brown.

Photo 10 Brown is not alone in this opinion.
Others are also unhappy with not only the layout, but with the food options.
“The food choices are not all from a food chain we know. They should put a Subway or Juice it up,” suggested student Ernesto Arvizo.
Like Arvizo, many others steer towards healthier food options.
“Something that seriously needs improvement is the food choices. Nothing is all that healthy and it costs way too much. It’s really sickening after a while,” said student Casey Ysaguirre.
Another main focus is the high food prices.
“The food at the commons is really expensive. Good, but too expensive. If I want to use my meal plan for healthy eating, it never lasts until the end of the quarter,” said student Yanzel Miranda.
Students also have strong opinions about professors.
“I love my professors. They offer a high quality academic education and have human quality as well,” said student Esmeralda Sahagun.
“So far there is nothing that I dislike about the campus,” said Sahagun
Diana Lozano, seems to agree. She absolutely loves the time her professors give her.
“One of the things I really like about CSUSB is the professors. They have great communication with their students and at times have an open door policy so you can go in and talk to them, “said Lozano.
Student Lauren Jones loves her professors and thinks class sizes are surprisingly decent.
“Before attending CSUSB I heard classes were incredibly large. I think people exaggerated,” said Jones.
Professors each have a unique way of teaching.
Some focus on projects that help you better understand the material while others expect you to memorize a large quantity of key terms that are only necessary to move on to the next lecture.
“Some professors emphasize too much on passing the exams. Is that the only reason we’re in school? To pass tests? What about educating? We’re supposed to be able to take the knowledge and apply it to the real world. Emphasis on tests does the opposite of that,” said student Dalia Elizarraraz.

Photo 1 International students love their professors, but find registering for classes very challenging.
“I would change the registration process. I am studying here on a scholarship, so I am required to take minimum 16 units. It is extremely difficult to do this when all classes are full by the time I register,” said student Andalaziz Aljhlan.
Students also touch on the topic of having some fun.
“One thing I would love to change is our Coyote spirit. Hopefully, with the Student Alumni Association starting again that will soon change,” said Arvizo.
Arvizo is not the only one that wants to spark more fun on campus.
Students Pablo Cruz and Stephanie Corral wish there were more campus events that are fun and bigger school wide events.
Students wish to bring sports to create more fun.
Patt McCook and Tyler Rahier suggest that our school acquire a football team and a better baseball team.
Whether it’s the campus’ food court and their high prices or the lack of school-wide events, students wish to see CSUSB go through some improvements.


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