Students get ready for summer vacation

By Loydie Burmah |Staff Writer|

“I’m looking forward to my birthday in the summer, my internship at KVCR, and going to Disneyland with my Deluxe pass,” said graduating senior Danielle Maxwell.
Maxwell, and other students alike, are not only enjoying the free time summer has to offer, but taking advantage of opportunities for personal and academic growth.
Thinking about what summer has to offer for me in the following months, one word rings clearly in my mind: sleep.
However, I should reconsider my priorities, as summer is a time to assess opportunities and activities that would help me foster personal and academic growth.
Aside from enjoying the many freedoms that summer vacation has to offer, juniors like Anthony Johnson and Giovanni Escalera will be participating in internships and various community service projects.
“I’m helping establish a minor program in African American history with the history department,” said Johnson.
“The best part of summer [for me] is doing the student orientation for incoming students, and getting a break from school,” said Escalera.
Summer vacation provides a well-needed break from the stresses of school, but it is important to remember that student learning does not have to be in a classroom.
The issue of the “summer slide” is, once again, coming to the attention of those in academia.
“The ‘summer slide’ is not a new daredevil ride, but it’s a pernicious slide nonetheless. It refers to the loss of reading and other academic skills over the summer vacation,” stated librarian Anita Gordon in her Summer Slide article.
“Summer slide” also refers to the effects of summer vacation on low-income versus high-income children.
“Statistically, lower income children begin school with lower achievement scores, but during the school year, they progress about the same rate as their peers,” stated John Hopkins University sociology professor Karl L. Alexander.
“Over the summer, it’s a dramatically different story. During the summer months, disadvantaged children tread water at best, or even fall behind.” It’s what we called ‘summer slide’ or ‘summer setback,’” explained Alexander.
While summer vacation provides students with sunshine, family, and free time, students should consider extracurricular activities and alternatives that will prevent them from becoming idle.
“I highly recommend taking summer classes, nothing too intense. Not to the point where it stresses you out, so you don’t enjoy school,” said Adam Ghossein.
Engaging in programs offered by the community or interning can prove to be useful and helpful to students and others who are benefiting.
For instance, upon visiting the Office of Community Engagement web page, students can find information about volunteer services, such as volunteering to play board games with seniors.
“Go out there! Meet new people, get involved with your community, take a walk in the park,” said Cesar Morales.
Whatever students decide to do over summer, it is important to remember two things: stay active and relax.
“Hangout at the beach, relax, think about future internships you could do, don’t worry about anything. Take a whole month and just relax,” said Johnson.
Finish the year, get ready for summer.


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