Students get chance to pick the apple

By Michele Cruz |Staff Writer|

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) is looking for students like you to help select the next outstanding faculty member to receive the 2010-2011 Golden Apple Award.

ASI is looking for one student to be on the Golden Apple Award Selection Committee, so they can represent the voice of other students in selecting the outstanding faculty nominee.

Since there isn’t a student presently on the committee, it is open for students to select their favorite professor.

Students need to a submit one-page paper explaining why their professor should be nominated.

“It’s up to students to submit notification for their favorite professor,” said Janette Garcia, assistant to the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

The nominee who wins the outstanding faculty member will automatically win the Golden Apple Award.

Next fall they will be surprised by an entourage led by President Dr. Albert K. Karnig and other faculty members.

2010 Golden Apple Award winner Professor Mary Texeira was ambushed in the middle of her lecture.

“President Karnig and his entourage came in my class with 15 to 20 faculty members. I thought something happen to my family. Karnig turned to my class and said I won the Golden Apple Award. The class gave me a standing ovation,” said Texeira.

The winner will be honored at the 2011-2012 Golden Apple award ceremony, which is sponsored by Mayor Patrick Morris of San Bernardino.

They will receive a $2,000 dollar Faculty Professional Development grant to use for research or academic purposes. They will also go to a luncheon and be recognized during graduation ceremonies.

The criteria for all nominees for the outstanding faculty member are: the nominees should be superior teachers and be recognized for their creative production or scholarly achievements; they should be full- time instructional faculty members and serve the university for six years; they should also have a record of particular distinction in teaching and also be widely noticed by students and other faculty members.

Director Diane Podolske was presented the Outstanding Employee Award in 2008 and automatically received the Golden Apple award in 2009.

“The Golden Apple Award is to recognize outstanding educators from San Bernardino Valley College, our university, and San Bernardino County Districts. It is a once and a life time thing, and I was very surprised I won”, said Podolske.

If students are interested in selecting their favorite faculty member, they should contact Janette Garcia at (909) 537-3320 or by her email at


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