Students encouraged to voice concerns

By Janeth Jaimes |Staff Writer|

DSC_0012Students should express their concerns about campus needs, such as healthy meal options and additional assisted programs, but many feel that their solutions will not make a difference.

Students spoke about their concerns and issues, and many proposed great ideas.

If students do not share their opinions, it becomes difficult for the campus to provide a fun and educational environment.

“I would like to see healthier food options in the food court’s menu,” said CSUSB junior Vanessa Velasquez.

“Sometimes, I do not bring my own food and have to buy food on campus, but it is disappointing that there are not many healthy meals options,” added Velasquez.

I have concerns about our food court options and even the long lines at Starbucks, but I am shy or feel like there is no need to express my opinion.

A proposed solution is to make healthy meals more visible or open new food stores.

Healthy meal options should be advertised just as much as junk food, such as pizza, burritos, or fries.
We should have a larger location for Starbucks, which would aid to the enormous lines that fill the Student Union (SU) daily.DSC_0017

Another issue brought to my attention was about having an AB 540 Center.

AB 540 is a way that some undocumented students have an opportunity to receive a college education.

The AB 540 Affidavit serves two purposes: one is to verify that the student meets the educational requirements, and the second is to certify the intent to establish legal residency.

Maria Barragan is an AB 540 student that would like to have a place where she can receive more information about the privileges and benefits provided by this bill.

“Just like we have a Women’s Resource Center or International Center, we should have an AB 540 Center,” said Barragan.

She made it clear that, if given this resource, many students would feel welcomed, be more confident, and not feel isolated.

“We are a minority within a minority that is being neglected,” added Barragan.

Students may also have concerns or issues, but do not know where to go or how to express them.
Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) recognizes the voice of the students here at CSUSB.
ASI represents student interests and needs.

The Executive Vice President, Juan Garcia, reported that ASI puts students on an equal level with CSUSB’s faculty and staff, and always tries to make students proud to be Coyotes.

“We are working on ways of communicating with students easier. By using electronic surveys, we can open access for all students to voice their opinions about issues that they find that need improvements,” stated student assistant to Special Projects and Assessment Jessica Bryan.

Collecting data about student concerns allow Bryan and her team to develop solutions for student issues.

“With what we are able to collect, we can analyze the problem and work on a solution that is realistic and effective,“ Bryan added.

By voicing our campus concerns we can build student solidarity.




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