Student Spotlight: Grant Buchanan:

By Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer|

CSUSB has had a history with former and current players going above and beyond what is asked of them on and off the playing field.

This week’s focus is on Coyote baseball player Grant Buchanan.

Buchanan spent the first two years at Colby Community College (CCC), located in Kansas, where he would sharpen his skills for his next baseball career jump.

Buchanan decided to come to CSUSB where he has been able to demonstrate his impeccable skills for our baseball team since the 2015 season as an infielder and outfielder.

Buchanan has been playing really well and has been performing up to the standards that coaches sought after the past two seasons now.

“[With] Coach Martinez, baseball is what he teaches us, but more importantly, he teaches us how to be a better person, [have] a better work ethic and being the best teammate you can be,” said Buchanan.

“He prepares us for life after baseball and that’s his main goal for us,” added Buchanan.

He came from a small school in comparison to CSUSB and coming here changed things for him.
“It allowed me to become more prepared for life, more responsible with real life situations off the field. It’s a big community and a big change,” said Buchanan.

“I had to adapt to many things and if you can live in San Bernardino, I think you can pretty much live anywhere in the United States, but it helps me realize and give more perspective of what everyone lives through. It’s been good here,” mentioned Buchanan.

He is graduating this year and has big plans regarding sports and life after his time here ends.

“I am majoring in Psychology, but I want to see where baseball takes me,” said Buchanan of his dreams all after college.

“If not I want to get into coaching and eventually get into sports psychology and get my master in that,” concluded Buchanan about his future career plans.

Many memories come with playing baseball for the Coyotes, but there is always one that stands out.

“My most memorable moment from the Coyote baseball team is when I got a walk off single against Chico State this year, it was a good team victory,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan idolizes Derek Jeter.

“He’s just the perfect role mode. He’s the captain; he’s the guy that everyone loves,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan looked up to Jeter, before his retirement, and wanted to be like him.

“I just looked up to that and wanted to be just like him,” added Buchanan.

“He’s the perfect role for baseball on and off the field and people should recognize that,” added Buchanan.

“Enjoy the moment, enjoy being with your teammates, being out in beautiful weather and just love the game,” said Buchanan.

Respect the game, have fun and everything it comes with,” concluded Buchanan.

Buchanan and the rest of the baseball team will play the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos April 28-30.

Two games will be played at home and a double header will be played in Pomona.


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