Student earns NYC internship

Jacquelyn Green is all smiles after getting chosen for MAIP’s competitive internship program.

By Brittanie Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

Jacquelyn Green, graduate student and teaching associate of the Communication Studies Department, will join a competitive multi-cultural program at a public relations firm in New York City.

She first found out about the Multicultural Advertisement Internship Program (MAIP) last fall through a Twitter conversation.

“When I was first told about this opportunity, in my mind I was just like, ‘Okay, I’ll just browse the website and let it go.’ But then I thought, what if I was placed somewhere outside of California, then there’s no harm in trying,” explained Green.

Although she’s never visited The Big Apple, Green is excited about the opportunity to expand her career horizons.

MAIP program is “a management-oriented association that offers its members the broadest possible services, expertise and information regarding the advertising agency business,” states the MAIP webpage.

After an extensive process of collecting two recommendation letters, producing a self-introduction video, and four personal statements, she submitted her application and completed a round of interviews.

In January, Green received news that she was chosen to intern at Edelman Public Relations in their public affairs offices.

“When I saw that, I froze and it felt like an out-of-body experience, said Green.

“Later on, it started to sink in, in terms of how am I going to prepare for this because I’d never been that far away from home. My initial reaction was really just of shock and stillness,” continued Green.

MAIP is a highly competitive internship program that will help Green begin her career in the advertising industry.

This program offers scholarships to make it possible for students to take the opportunity to intern across the nation.

“I think organizations like MAIP and AdColor are really important especially in our campus community for those majoring in Communications because it is really hard to get into the industry,” said Green.

Green is also a member of AdColor, an organization geared towards helping under-represented groups obtain experience in communications.

“You have to know people, that’s the thing. These organizations are the link to get you in the door to where you want to go,” she continued.

Green has interned before in other areas of communications, building her network here at CSUSB.

“I’m really hoping to establish my network, I’ve begun networking here and I have joined a professional group on communication and its kind of told me who is who in the industry,” said Green.

She hopes to build that network in New York with at least a couple of connections she can contact later for either a job, or career advice.

Green suggests that by the end of internships, one should have at least five reliable connections in the industry.

Organizations and programs like MAIPS and AdColor assist students by providing opportunities to enhance their skills and develop a successful career. 

“These organizations are the link to get you in the door to where you want to go,” continued Green.

Green intends on becoming a successful PR professional, but she will continue to embrace other transitional opportunities available in communications.

Green believes it is important to apply to a program, even if there are hundreds of other applicants.

“Just do it. No matter how competitive it may be,” said Green.


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