Stress: It just comes with being a student

By Renee Etcheberria |Staff Writer|

It’s only the third week of classes and stress in already slapping us in the face.

The life of a college student is often consumed with the stresses of everyday life and one way to compensate for that is to live a safe and healthy lifestyle.

That lifestyle includes regular exercise, eating healthy foods and keeping a sane mind.

First, it is important to have a healthy mind.  Keeping your head on straight while juggling school, work and a social life can be tough, so finding a way to balance the stress is important.

Four ways to keeping a sane mind is meditation, volunteering, travelling and exercising.

Ignore the stereotypes when it comes to meditation; it can improve our overall lives. Meditation can improve concentration, patience and general contentment.

The key to successful meditating is practice makes perfect. Do what works best for you and get on a schedule. The length of time can vary but for beginners it is best to start with ten minutes twice a day.

Second is volunteering, and it’s not only good for those resumes in our near post-graduation plans.

While volunteering can be beneficial for an organization it can be very fulfilling for college students. When time is on your side volunteering can serve as a satisfying distraction from the stresses of life.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to volunteering, reach out to the Greek communities on campus or contact someone in your area.

Next, is travel. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all take that Caribbean vacation we need and deserve? Yet, reality reminds us that is not always a possibility. So keep your travel plans simple and designate a weekend to enjoy a getaway at the beach or mountains.

Lastly exercise is not only good for the body but it is beneficial for the mind. Exercise can be one of the best stress relievers. It releases endorphins in the body which helps reduce stress, anger and promotes a good mood.

According to the Mayo Clinic there are many benefits to exercise and physical activity  It can control weight, fight off health conditions and disease, improve mood, boost energy and promote sleep.

Exercise is not just limited to a gym workout but consists of an active lifestyle and making conscious decisions. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator or parking further from your classes will ensure that you are a bit more active.

One way to stay motivated about exercise is to find a workout buddy who will encourage you to get moving.

To fuel our mind and body, we need to choose healthy food options that include fruits and vegetables. These provide our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber which are important for good health according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Not only do healthy foods stimulate our bodies they are also low in fats and calories which give our bodies the energy it needs to make it through the long days of school and work.

For more information visit the Health Center for peer education or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at