Stepping into my dreams across the pond

A shared travel journal from abroad

by Linda Tran | Staff Writer|

If you have a hunch about something, figure it out.

It wasn’t until my third day of school that I realized one of the classes I was enrolled in did not transfer credit for my degree back at home.

I was scared and kept convincing myself that it was the right class, but I knew I could not afford to make this mistake while studying abroad.

Now all of that is fixed. Still, it took me awhile and to this day it’s hard to figure out how the classes transfer. I have reached out to my professors and have asked for their help. It is a lot different from the process at home.

As an English minor, I have always had small seminar classes, but here I have two English classes that have over 150 students!

I find the classes or as they call them, “modules” to be a little more difficult than they are back home.

There are no midterms and since Swansea University follows a semester system, my finals will not take place until January.

I am accustomed to having my exams before Christmas break, but in this case I’ll have to study over my holiday vacation.

With the midterms out of the way, I feel like I have to constantly keep track of all of the material and make sure I include it in the study sessions for my final exams.

Knowing that I am a fourth-year college student, introductory classes are out of the way and now I’m stepping into more difficult courses.

I definitely feel like a freshman again because I have been scribbling in my notebook the way I did during my first year of college.

The scenery at Swansea University is beautiful and the classes are very interesting and they motivate me to accomplish my work.

Living in a foreign country makes me more alert and attentive, so I am confident that I will stay up to date with my coursework.

Even though it is very important that I understand the material for my classes, one of the greatest perks about studying abroad is traveling!

Aware that the British pound was almost twice the amount as the U.S. dollar, I was afraid to spend money.

It was not until a friend told me how much cheaper it is to travel around Europe while living in the same continent. I knew I would not be able to travel to Europe at a price like this from back home.

I went into the travel shop on campus and check emails for special offers and so far I have three trips booked for this month and next!

This Saturday I am joining the international students on campus on a day trip to Avebury and Stonehenge!

The following Saturday I booked a day trip to Bath, which is located in the southwest of England. This will be a really exciting experience for me since I am curious to see how different the English compare to the Welsh.

In November, I will be going on a three-day weekender to Amsterdam! I am thrilled and cannot believe I am going to all of these places.

Working hard to get here is really worth it and I cannot wait to tell you all about Stonehenge and Bath! Until next time.




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