Stepping into my dreams across the pond

By Linda Tran |Staff Writer|

While being abroad, I discovered a hidden talent I didn’t know I had before – cooking!

I didn’t cook meals for myself during my first week though. I bought pre-made meals and plopped them into the microwave.

They were alright at first, but pre-made meals got tiring, so eventually I went to the store to buy some kitchenware and food I could put together to cook with.

I made dishes that I would usually eat at home and it cured my homesickness for the first few weeks.

My first attempts were passing in grade, and it wasn’t until I cooked a full Mexican meal with guacamole that I felt happy and impressed with my cooking skills.

It’s fun experimenting with food and learning recipes from my flat mates and friends.  I’m bonding more and learning from my mom on how to cook her dishes. She is so proud that I marinated my own chicken! I still have not perfected my rice, but in time I will.

Back at home, I rarely cooked but here I feel more inspired to cook and create my own dishes. At home, cup of noodles is pretty popular among the college students. Here in Swansea, almost everyone cooks pasta every day.

Food deals at grocery stores are always tempting and I usually buy more than I can eat before it expires, so from time to time I have dinner with my friends and we share our food.

I must admit that the food here in the UK doesn’t compare to the food back home but there are some foods that I really like.

The Welsh cakes are delightful and very inexpensive! They taste like a biscuit and pancake combined with raisins in them and topped off with sugar.

I like to buy them whenever I go into the market at the city center in town. They’re always served fresh and hot off the pan.

I’ve also tried a Cornish pasty, which my cousin described as a better tasting variation of a hot pocket and I must say, I agree.

The first time I tried it, I ate another one the next day. It is a flaky, bread-like pastry and the original pasty is filled with meat, carrots and peas.

And lastly I have been addicted to the delectable digestive biscuits. They are slightly healthier than a normal cookie because they have more fiber in them.

Some digestives are topped off with chocolate or caramel, and they even have fruit bits inside of them.

It’s a bad thing that I keep them stored in my room because I can’t help but snack on them while I’m doing homework or in the middle of the night.

But they are comforting and are great with tea or coffee.

New and interesting foods are one perk that makes traveling an amazing and enjoyable experience.

I still have yet to try more dishes from different countries and will most likely share my experience the next time I write when I will be back from Amsterdam.

Cheers, from the UK!


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