STEM program in Jurupa Valley


By Samantha Flores |Staff Writer|

Preparing students for careers by helping them develop their skills for life-long learning is what the city of Jurupa Valley is planning to accomplish. The Valley is enacting its new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative program.

A 3D printer, CNC machinery and plasma cutters will be key resources provided by the Jurupa Valley High School Innovation Center. The program is expected to begin next year.

Students will have an opportunity to learn how to program and develop robotic technology through lab experiences with Innovation Center resources.

The program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to obtain internships and highly skilled jobs.

“I believe that it is great for the students because I know that the new program/construction will benefit the students by creating a new learning center that is beneficial for their education,” said Alexis Brito, a sophomore student of JVHS.

According to the Principal of Jurupa Valley High School, Kimberly Corbin, the Innovative Center will house Engineering, Computer Science/Cyber Tech, and Construction Tech as STEM pathways.

The curriculum for STEM is being added to their core curriculum subjects to enable cross-curricular collaboration projects in the classrooms.

“Students will have the opportunity to earn industry certificates,” said Principal Corbin.

“This will provide them an advantage when they apply to STEM colleges/universities as well as when they seek employment before or after graduation,” Corbin continued. 

The program also aims to assist students in developing critical thinking skills, advanced problem-solving, enhance their creativity, as well as learn data collection analysis.

Parents of the JVHS students will have more opportunities to become more with their child’s academics by assisting them with their STEM projects.

Modernization will be funded by the General Obligation Bond, measure EE, which was passed in 2014 by the community with $144 million.

“The school is required to be 25 years old and older to qualify for this modernization,” said by the Assistant Superintendent Dr. Trenton Hansen.

Another school that will have modernized rooms in the district is Rubidoux High School (RHS). The modernization of RHS will begin in the spring of this year.

Superintendent Hansen explained that the students of Patriot High School (PHS), which does not qualify in the innovation program, will have a chance to participate in the programs of other two schools.

Both Rubidoux and Jurupa Valley will have after school programs open to the community for engagement.

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