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By Destiny Guzman |Staff Writer|

Involvement and participation in school activities create a more enjoyable and meaningful college experience.

“My definition of a meaningful college experience is an experience in which you can get something out of – not just for yourself but for others as well,” said student Alberto Rendon.

Rendon is an active student who is involved in a variety of organizations like the Kappa Sigma fraternity, Anime Club, Local Matters (CSUSB television production); and on top of all of that, he is the president of the Society for Student Filmmakers (SSF).

Going to your classes, leaving right after and not participating in any school activities, opportunities or clubs will hinder you from connecting with your campus and meeting new people.

“Getting involved helps them discover new friends with similar interests,” stated Julie Mayfield and Lindsey Mayfield in an article about the benefits of college involvement.

“I think that joining helped out because it is a great way of networking and a great way of reaching out to people you may never have reached out to before,” continued Rendon.

Engaging in campus activities will allow one to have more fulfillment in their college experience.

I understand that some people who do not want to be a part of an organization at school might be busy.

Work, family and other non-related school activities keep one from not experiencing the fullness of what college has to offer.

I realize it can even be more difficult when one has to work and commute to school.

I am doing my best to become more involved and participate in as much student activities that my schedule will allow.

I only take classes two days a week because I work on the days that I am not on campus.

I know what it is like to not be involved at all, and also what it is like to be involved in something—but something is better than nothing.

If you do not want to participate in anything, then it will not happen.

A transformed mindset is needed in order to join the opportunities that the campus has to offer.

Once there is a changed perspective, possibilities open up to a richer college experience which will be filled with many stories to tell and connections that one alone will have.

No one else will have the same college experience—but it can become greater by being connected with your campus.

The more school activities one is a part of, the more memories and friendships one will make.

“Some of the reasons why I am involved is because I like giving back, the relationships and I hate being bored,” concluded Rendon.

Clubs, school activities, resources and opportunities develop a more engaged student, helping one stand out in the midst of many others.

Being part of an organization enables students to create bonds with their peers.

“Going to school and being a part of something helps you explore new things and network with people because now you know more people than you did if you just went home,” said student Itzel Olguin.

Being involved or being a part of something more and bigger than just attending classes will allow one to learn and develop new abilities and skills.

“It helps you manage your time, and it helps you grow as a person because you learn a lot of leadership skills,” concluded Olguin.

The college life will not last forever; so let us make the best of it while we can.

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