Starbucks grows to juice

by Stephanie Barrera | Staff Writer |

Starbucks announced early last week that they will expand beyond coffee and introduce fruit drinks on their menu.

CSUSB has a Starbucks coffee shop on campus in the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU).

In their newsroom, Starbucks said they bought out Evolution Fresh, Inc. (EFI) a San Bernardino based juice company to begin their menu expansion.

Students at CSUSB have mixed feelings about Starbucks’ next big move; some are very interested in seeing the company grow while others feel like it will interfere with the quality of service they are currently receiving.

Student Jennifer Truong said she is very excited to taste the new juice products Starbucks will launch.

As a health science major, Truong said she knows the importance of choosing healthier alternatives, and she believes a juice drink is a much healthier option than a coffee drink.

Starbucks said by introducing EFI products they are “expanding healthier menu items that will deliver nutritious, on the go options consumers are seeking.”

“This news makes me very happy and I cannot wait to try the new drinks they will offer,” said Truong.

Starbucks announced they are expanding their menu “as a part of its commitment to evolve and enhance the customer experience with innovated and wholesome products.”

Student Courtney Sims said, “I am not happy or excited about the coffee shop adding juice drinks to their menu.”

Sims believes that Starbucks is a coffee shop not a juice shop and they should stick to what they do best.

“I go to Starbucks for coffee at least three times a week and I love the service I receive there, I fear my coffee won’t taste as great and I won’t receive the same service after they expand their menu,” said Sims.

According to the Starbucks newsroom, they will be selling juice products as early as mid 2012 beginning with stores on the West Coast.

The Press Enterprise reported that Starbucks bought the San Bernardino based company, EFI for $30 million in cash.

The juice company is located on 1055 Cooley Avenue.

According to their website, their fruit and vegetables products go straight from the farm to their customers.

They state that “every morning produce is delivered to us. We immediately cut, squeeze and press everything. We pack and rush it to your market.”

Their web site states that EFI has a philosophy of freshness and none of their products have preservatives. According to them, all of their products are high quality.

Starbucks announced they are using EFI products because they strive in serving nutritious, wholesome products.

Starbucks has not announced what stores on the West Coast will be serving the juice products first.

Students will have to wait for a Starbucks’ announcement to know if the coffee shop on campus will expand their menu.

For more information about their products and expansion students can visit


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