Spring cleaning for clarity

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By Franciny Gonzalez |Staff Writer|

As the new quarter begins, some Spring cleaning can benefit students who need to eliminate unnecessary clutter that accumulated, throughout the year.

Being organized can be difficult for students to notice because of their busy schedules filled with either work, homework or studying, which can get in the way of keeping our space clean.

Psychology Today has shown that having better organization can actually effect an individual by relieving stress.

“Clutter can increase stress by distracting us and overwhelming our senses with extraneous stimuli.” said Dr. Jonathan Fader. Fader has a doctorate in psychology.

Often times, individuals may feel stressed even when completing their tasks, this is because clutter and a disorganized work space can make it seem like there is still work to be done.

“I don’t like to study in a dirty space, because then I feel like Spongebob and I want to clean it, and than I just spend all day cleaning it instead of studying, I feel like I do need to have a clean space.” said Michelle Ruvalcaba, student.

Spring cleaning can simply organizing ones space or removing unnecessary clothing from their wardrobe.

“I took out my winter clothes and put it all in a container and switched my winter clothes with my spring clothes… I had to let go and I organized my closet, I got it together.” Said Ruvalcaba.

Some students feel with having a clean room, distractions and overwhelming feelings, tend to dissipate.

“I can actually find things that I am looking for, a lot of the times I misplace them.” Andrea Olea, a tours guide at CSUSB.

Organization can even help an individual be on time instead of having to rush due to misplacing an important item.

“I feel like it does, it might depend on the person, for me, I really don’t mind the clutter because I feel like I am more focused on what I am doing than what is around me “said Stefanie Clay, a student.

Although, becoming more organized can help an individual feel less overwhelmed, with others however clutter doesn’t seem to impose on their well being, when it comes down to focusing on work.

“ Organization and order have been associated with choosing to eat more healthy. Being more generous and conventionality. With both the physical and psychological benefits to cleaning and decluttering” said Fader.

He wants to emphasize the importance of keeping a clean space at home and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming more organized can give you benefits both your mental and physical health.

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