Some CSUSB fashions need to die

By Angelina Garibay |Staff writer|

The red carpet in Hollywood is not the only place sporting fashion blunders for all the world to see. Right here at CSUSB you can view some spectacular oversights in fashion.

There are the “Bump-It” hairdos, shredded jeans, Ugg boots with shorts, beanies in the summertime, sagging jeans, and more to draw the ire of the fashion police.

I conducted a mini-poll among students with just one question: “Are there any fashions that you think should die on campus?”

The one that comes at the top of the list of what not to wear, among these students, is a pair of pants slung so low that you see underwear.

It’s amazing to me that someone would actually position their pants to showcase their underwear. What really is the point of that? Does it keep your temperature cooler or does it just make you cool?

You have seen these guys walking with their legs awkwardly far apart to keep their pants up. It’s really entertaining to see them try to navigate the stairs with that wide stance.

Student Jessica Dalla said she disliked, “men that think it’s cute to let their underwear show and wear their pants below the butt. That is so 1990.”

“The skinny jean thing with gentlemen having their underwear showing is inappropriate,” said student Prince Thompson.

Underwear, now there is a concept that might have escaped notice. Underwear is meant to go under the clothes; people aren’t supposed to be able to see it.

Student Jennifer Negret felt like the same fashion statement with the basketball shorts showing instead of the underwear needs to disappear too.

Another fashion faux pas that came up, by an anonymous student, was see through spandex paired with a thong. Now, I haven’t seen that on campus, only on

Other students thought leggings were another point of contention. Fashion wise they are meant to cover legs on the order of tights, not pants. In other words, whatever is being worn on top should more than cover the booty area. They are not intended to take the place of pants.

Kenny Johnson only had one thing to say about no-no fashion and that was residents wearing their pajamas to class. I have to agree with him; pajamas are not appropriate school attire.

One complaint that I was not surprised to hear about was the one about Ugg boots. There have been articles written about how much they are hated by men.

Many men think they are unattractive and want to call them “Uggly” boots. They think they are especially unsightly when paired with shorts.

Now they might have a point about pairing them with shorts. It makes you think of hot smelly feet in the summertime and that can’t be a good fashion statement.

But, I am not ready to give up my Uggs. When the temperature dips the most important thing to me is keeping warm—not fashion.



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