Softball swept off the field by Monterey Bay

By Britney Carter |Staff Writer|

The weekend took a turn for the worse for CSUSB’s softball team on Feb. 24 and 25, as the Coyotes found themselves unable to contend against a tough Cal State Monterey Bay squad.

The Lady ‘Yotes went in with their heads held high and huge expectations for a successful series; however, the Otters had other plans in mind, as they took all four games.

After losing four games in a row, what comes to mind is what adjustments need to be made in order to avoid a similar occurence.

Hitting balls on the ground was the main focus last week.

This week the ladies must concentrate on making sure their offense comes alive in pressure situations to put more runs on the board.

“We need the clutch hits,” said pitcher Courtney Wilhelms. “It needs to be contagious, if we could just get the momentum going.”

This particular technique is going to take more individual improvement than team cohesiveness.

The speedy hitters must utilize their quickness by bunting for base hits, while the power hitters must come through with extra base hits, in order to drive home more runs.

The importance of improving their hitting cannot be overlooked, but polishing up the “small things” will allow for more successful outcomes.

Wilhelms stressed that the main thing the team hopes to accomplish in their upcoming games is to play an error-free ballgame,which will strengthen the defense.

The Coyotes find themselves making too many costly errors during the game that put them in tough situations that are hard to overcome.

“We just need to focus on the little things, like looking the ball into your glove and making sure you get a good throw,” said outfielder Victoria Lievenos. “ If we just focus we’ll be fine.”

The ‘Yotes have a bulletproof strategy.

All they need to do is correct the minor mistakes they have been making. If they can do this, they will find that victories will come in bunches.

The Coyotes have a perfect recipe for an offensive attack that could grow to be unstoppable.

With a unique combination of both power and speed, they should be able to manage to put across many runs on the board.

Timely hitting is something they hope to correct, and simple defensive miscues that plagued them, can easily be fixed.

It has been well documented that this group of girls is full of talent and potential.

If the ladies can manage to keep their heads in the game and ensure there are no “silly” errors, then there is no question that the tables will turn in their favor, and that there will be no stopping them.

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