Sodexo workers sue to get paid

By Emmanuel Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

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Sodexo, in charge of CSUSB’s dining service, faces a class action lawsuit from employees who were not compensated for retroactive wages.
Between March 13, 2012 to November 15, 2013. Sodexo, one of the largest food service corporations in the world, has had reported cases of unresolved retroactive wage claims—pay that has not been sent to an employee for work that has already been completed.
Lorenzo Barrera, personally and on behalf of other employees, filed a class action lawsuit against Sodexo, Inc. for retroactive pay.
“Sodexo will pay $600,000 as the maximum settlement amount,” if the case is ruled in favor of the employees, stated in the proposed settlement.
The amount is intended to be disbursed evenly among all qualified employees and affiliates who follow the proper procedure.
If the amount does not equate to at least $15 per entitled member, the net settle amount will be adjusted so that the settlement shares allow for every member to receive at least $15.
“That’s so unfair, I mean we pay for the food, their workers should get paid too,” said CSUSB student Lizette Chapa.
Sodexo has been sued on several other occasions in the past few years, including class action suits dealing with diversity in the workplace, whistle-blowing from within the company, and counts of discrimination in the workplace.
Sodexo employees who do not wish to pursue the lawsuit have been instructed to mail in the “Election Not to Participate Settlement” form received by mail.
Those who wish to continue will automatically be placed within the confines of the settlement.

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