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Photo By: Adam Bettcher-Getty Images
Photo By: Adam Bettcher-Getty Images

Photo By: Adam Bettcher-Getty Images

By Arthur Medrano | Staff Writer |

Lately there has been a rise in popularity with average Joes who get lucky on social media websites and earn fame and fortune just as fast as their followers grow.

Making the trek from cyberspace to reality TV is almost every social media user’s dream.

A few lucky media junkies have actually made that journey towards appearing on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” or “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” or even having their own shows.

For instance, the YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley appeared on DeGeneres’s show and talked about pop culture and his comedy skits from his YouTube channel.

He is also a supporter of the LGBT community, which revolves around his everyday life in part for being an openly gay celebrity.

Oakley is a published author with his novel “Binge,” which compiles his stories when he first began making videos for the Internet.

For being an autobiography, it provides great insight on his roller coaster ride towards stardom.

The epitome of being on TV and getting interviewed by your favorite host would make anyone’s wish come true.

Vine is a quick video sharing network that lets users express themselves in six seconds or less.

17-year-old musician Shawn Mendes got famous with the likes of this media app. Currently Mendes has a single called “Stitches” ranked No. 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

“The beautiful melody speaks to you and reveals how he strives for the best, and made it,” said student Angela Diaz.

Mendes first started making cover videos of popular songs and has now found fans doing the same for his music on social media.

While he continues his success with opening acts for Taylor Swift, Time magazine reported him on their annual “30 Most Influential Teens of 2015.”

Comedian/actress Grace Helbig got her start on social media, and making something appear out of nothing with her career.

Helbig was known for having her own web series on YouTube and also appeared on fellow Internet stars’ videos or shows that gained her millions of followers.

She has also made it to the point of being a part of TV commercials and hosting her own talk show on E! called “The Grace Helbig Show.”

As of now, Helbig continues appearing on TV or web talk shows while discussing her second book that talks about fashion in a lighter perspective as an everyday guide.

Everyone will have their time to become rich and famous, but only a certain few get to do that with parodies and comedy sketches.

Actor Yousef Erakat, better known by his YouTube name FouseyTube, has made a name for himself with comic skits and fitness.

He made vlogs throughout his transformation following the workout from P90X and became a motivational speaker to those who need the pick me up to start living a healthier life.

Now having over 8 million followers and counting on the video site, Erakat has recently announced he’ll be going on a live-viewing tour for his comedy.

He will be performing alongside Roman Atwood, which follows the steps of fellow star Tyler Oakley doing live shows for fans.

The popularity of online celebrities draws the attention of younger viewers just as much as any TV or movie star we find.

Their ace in the hole to stardom came from the everyday users of social media who helped pave the way for them to reach this status, and made their dreams come true.

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